METECH is an established company with over 10 years of experience in the fields of Security, ICT, Low Current systems and Audio Visual systems.

They aim at providing their clients with only the most innovative, reliable and latest technologies.


METECH offers high-end solutions in CCTV surveillance for the Financial, Transportation, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Government and Retail sectors.

Their CCTV solutions provide governments, commercial organizations and industrial facilities with a comprehensive approach to ensuring the security of their customers, employees and assets. They also deliver advanced applications to help resolve liability claims, maintain health and safety standards and improve operations.


Whether you are looking to strictly monitor access to buildings or offices, to Identify and manage users on the network or just to integrate your Video Surveillance, METECH will help you achieve all of your objectives.

METECH stands up to the challenge by combining Access Control and Alarm Monitoring with Video Surveillance, Car Plate Recognition, Identity Management, Asset tracking, Guard tour and Visitor management, plus many more important security functions into an elegant and versatile security management solution.


METECH offers world leading technology in Scenario based Video Analytics for a applications in both the commercial and public sectors.

Deployment includes protection, intrusion, investigation & forensics and the management of traffic, crowds and operations. The patented scenario based approach allows multiple behavior descriptions to be applied simultaneously or in predefined sequences; and it is these scenario combinations that create an exact description of the target behavior, thereby giving dependable real alerts and dramatically reduced false alarms.

Gate Barriers, Bollards & Road Blockers

METECH Road Blockers come in three main specifications; standard, reinforced and maximum reinforced. All road blockers offer a highly effective ram raid deterrent and act as an excellent security barrier to prevent any unauthorized vehicle access to your site.

Automatic Bollards are a more “aesthetic” approach to the rising curb road blocker application, but still as effective. A hydraulic power pack driving the powder coated, or stainless-steel cylinder to a raised height of either 500 or 700mm. Each bollard comes complete with LED lighting around its top to enhance its presence.