ME Group a well established company with over 40 years of experience in the field of building hardware and security locks is proud to introduce its subsidiary METALLIC EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES E.S.T. a professional division to cater especially for Electronic Security Systems, Surveillance Systems and Software Machinery Interfacing.

METECH EST. aims at providing its clients with most innovative, reliable and latest technologies in the security business.

We are dedicated to build positive relationships with our customers by understanding our client's business needs and provide them with the most professional and highest level of quality and services they expect.

METALLIC EQUIPMENT TECHNOLOGIES EST. is proud to have a very qualified team of Project Engineers, Estimation Engineers and Technicians to service the need of valuable customers from diverse fields such as Military, Construction, Hotel Industry, Oil Sector, Aviation and Government Agencies.

METECH ensures that only high quality services with most effective solutions are available to our customers.

Our services include:
• CCTV Surveillance Monitoring
• Access Control and T&A Solutions
• Alarm & Intrusion Detection
• Hotel Key Management
• Automatic Gate Barriers
• Digital Electronic Cylinders
• Queue Management System
• Plasma Digital Solution
• Parking Management & Guidance System
• Public Address System
• Building Management System (BMS)
• Public Address System
• Digital Signage Solution
• Electro Magnetic Lock and Door Strikes
• Office Automation Systems



METECH offers high-end solutions in CCTV surveillance for the Financial, Transportation, Commercial, Industrial, Military, Government and Retail sectors.

Advanced Video Surveillance for Financial Institutions
Financial institutions in UAE rely on our intelligent video solutions to increase security, combat fraud and reduce losses. With proven reliability and industry-focused features, our Networked Video systems provide community banks through to nation-wide institutions with comprehensive video surveillance. High quality video, efficient and extensive storage, and powerful investigation and case management tools combine to help staff enhance physical security, better resolve customer disputes and significantly reduce losses from fraudulent transactions, ATM tampering and other crimes.

• Optimizing Transportation Security and Operations
• High Performance Solutions for Commercial & Industrial Organizations
• Advanced Surveillance Monitoring & Video Analytics for Government and Education
• Retail Solutions for Loss Prevention and Operations Management


Complete Security Management Solution
Bringing together different aspects of security management can be challenging. METECH stands up to the challenge by combining Access Control and Alarm Monitoring with Video Surveillance, Car Plate Recognition, Identity Management, Asset tracking, Guard tour and Visitor management, plus many more important security functions into an elegant and versatile security management solution.

Successful Security Requires Both Identity Management and Access Management.
Our Identity/Visitor Management solutions enhance your existing access control while streamlining the Identity Visitor Management process. It also ensures ample visitor control plus records keeping. Simply and easily schedule visits, register and track visitors, sign in/sign out, update profiles, print temporary badges and more are just a few of the ways our ID management suite of products meets and exceeds market demands.


When it comes to Alarm Systems, METECH offers a whole wide variety of Intruder Detection solutions for Home, Government, Industrial and High-Security installations. Such as high-tech infrared beam detectors, microwave technology, fiber optics cable detection and electric barb wires. We offer systems than can perform a wide range of advanced communications, allowing monitoring and controlling secured sites either from the web or by any touchtone phone including the mobile phone. Among these the technology of Remote Digital Verification, permitting to check in real time and without leaving any trace of doubt, if the system has released the alarm due to an actual intrusion or accidental cause.


Door Entry Systems give you safety and convenience in checking visitors by both video and audio without having to open the door. Once the person is identifies, the door can be open via the same monitor. For more security you can have the main entrance panel with built-in pin code and electronic lock. This application can be used in commercial and residential buildings, plus in single or group of villa projects. We also offer Wireless Video Entry for site applications that require flexibility in remote opening and viewing.

Digital Wireless Locking Systems

A solution with radio-controlled, digital locking system is being offered. An active transponder procedure is used as the identification medium. The transponder is a digital “key” that is programmed with the locking plan software and that works over radio transmission with no physical contact.







METECH excel’s in the integration of audio visual systems and solutions. We provide comprehensive system design, installation, and support services for projects of all levels of complexity. We provide solutions for corporate, government, legal and education markets, among others, and are unique in that we have a core competency in two of the most challenging technical arenas, Conferencing and Controls. Known for our unmatched excellence in service and unparallel

Queuing Management Systems

Long queues have always been a troublesome for the public. Queue Management Solutions by METECH provide customer satisfaction and enhance the quality of customer service. The system incorporates Queuing the customer into the virtual queue system, managing the customers between different counters and notifying the counter numbers, apart from generating valuable management reports on Customer counts, services etc..

Digital Signage Solutions

METECH offers technology, consultation and content services to clients and customers while focusing on providing innovative, robust and flexible technologies that fuel the digital communications industry. We deliver solutions that gives clients the ability to effectively communicate with their targeted audiences providing customizable digital marketing tools that include first of its kind features, such as multi-zone video and multi-channel audio playback.

Public Address Systems

METECH brings you the latest in PA systems with very latest amplifiers, microphones and speakers. Bringing this ideal audio environment to modern public spaces, in equipment so carefully designed that it looks as good as it sounds. This unbeatable combination of auditory and visible quality has made our PA systems the choice of acoustic professionals.


METECH has the expertise to conduct an assessment of your existing infrastructure and provide the skills to enhance your access to information. In addition METECH has had extensive experience in the design and implementation of network infrastructure from the construction through completion phase of building. The basic requirement of an intelligent building is a consistent and scalable.

Data Center Preparation

METECH can establish flexible, robust and resilient data center networks that respond positively to your growing business needs with our data center solutions. This can help you plan and meet changing networking requirements with a structured delivery methodology, deep technology expertise, strong alliances with top technology product vendors and first-rate project management.


METECH brings you Smart Building Solutions with open system architecture specifically designed for heterogeneous environments. It integrates and interlinks safety and building automation systems from a range of different manufacturers under a standardized, user-friendly interface and serves as the central operating and control unit.