ME Group emphasize on quality, performance & stability within all their products and always provide excellent service before and after sales. Their continued effort to lead in this competitive market with great vision and dedication helps them to supply new and better security products to satisfied customers. ME Group’s selection of high end technology in their various lines of CCTV meets every customer needs.

ME Group offers a wide range of CCTV products both for analog and network systems.
Our experience and expertise ensures cutting edge security solutions which you can count on 24-hours a day, 7 days a week.
We make sure to set ourselves a target to provide total system solutions that will meet the growing demand for security applications plus to only provide CCTV solutions that are widely accepted in the various applications ranging from small retail to large commercial, industrial or public facilities.

24-hour surveillance with Day/Night feature
Our Day/Night feature is especially useful where you need to capture images under highly variable lighting conditions - such as brilliant mid-day sun, and dim night lighting - without using different cameras. In bright light, the camera can operate in normal color mode, then automatically changes to a special low-light black-and-white mode when the light fades at dusk. The cameras can also be switched to b/w operation manually, or by pre-set timer to suit special requirements.

Next-generation Super Dynamic III for extreme contrast scenes
SDIII elevates dynamic range to 128x that of conventional cameras to capture unsurpassed quality images even in harsh lighting conditions typically experienced when outside sunlight and indoor light sources overlap - such as light filtering through open doors, building lobbies with windows or glass doors and ATM vestibules - and outdoors in areas that transit from daylight to the dark of night with bright headlights and street lights.

Super Dynamic III
A newly designed double speed CCD with advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) achieves this by capturing the dark and bright portions of an image separately, and then recombining the two images into a single viewable image frame. The addition of advanced digital contrast correction further optimizes the composite image's gray scale for refined definition and balance.

Motion Detection for event recording

In many models, built-in motion detection can trigger recording or other alarms. The feature can be set to respond to motion in given areas of the screen, as well as motion of a certain duration.

Renowned in the surveillance industry for its high quality surveillance cameras, first introduced the i-Pro Network Surveillance System in 2005. During this time, network surveillance cameras have become increasingly popular thanks to their ability to enable remote surveillance while lowering total cost of ownership (TCO). Encompassing a wide choice of cameras, encoders, recorders and management software, i-Pro has been a success in the market offering significant technological innovations. Lower TCO, however, is not the only benefit from Panasonic i-Pro Network Surveillance System.

PoE (Power over Ethernet)

With IEEE802.3af PoE (Power over Ethernet), both power and image data can be transmitted through a single Ethernet cable. By eliminating the need for power cables and supplies when installing cameras or changing layouts, installation and maintenance costs are reduced.