Safety Products, Castor & Wheels



Protecting yourself from accidents that could danger your life at workplaces is mandatory; ME Group offers a wide range of coveralls, work uniforms and safety vests available in different models, colors and sizes made from cotton and poly-cotton materials specially designed for protection against industrial accidents.


ME Group offers EN quality standard high ankle boots, low ankle boots, low cut boots, casual work boots, Rubber/PVC boots & Welder boots made from genuine or full grain leather that provides protection against excessive heat, oil, acid, falling objects and sharp objects under various colors and sizes ensuring the safety of your feet.


ME Group's wide range of heavy duty leather gloves, PVC gloves, Welder gloves & cotton gloves stand up to the toughest industrial work applications available in various styles, colors & sizes securing the safety of your hands.


ME Group offers variety of safety glasses in various styles & colors, especially constructed under EN quality Standard to provide higher level of eye protection.

Caster Wheels

ME Group offers best quality trendy mobile furniture movers with flexible designs, different sizes and styles applicable for special purpose, providing optimum solution for your daily requirements.

To better serve you, our Castors and Wheels are matched to the floor type as follows:
Hard floors - Soft tread
Uneven floors - Large wheel diameter

Crowd Poles

Crowd Poles Control System is simply the most efficient and effective way to serve a large number of customers at multiple stations. It provides customers with multi-benefits, such as "First come First served" service, eliminates "Wrong Line" frustrations, facilitates transaction privacy and reduce pressure on employees.