The trading division of ME Group is the core activity of the company. This division represents Retail, Projects and Export activities for ME Group, hence, forming the backbone and driving source for sales and generating revenue. To service these activities ME Group imports its vast variety of products from across Europe, America & Asia. These products are later distributed to different channels of outlets to meet consumer needs and demands.

ME Group's customers include the furniture industry, interior designers, hardware dealers, building developers and architects from the Gulf and the Middle East. ME Group stands out from its competitors with its comprehensive special product ranges and unique range of services such as on time delivery from stock and meeting market demands and customer satisfaction.

The ME Group trading retails many types of products categorized as following:

Door Hardware:
Door locks, Cylinders, Door closer, Hinges, Lever Handles & Accessories are all made of high-grade materials, manufactured under precise production techniques and resulting in comprehensive quality.

Bathroom Equipments:
Jacuzzi, Mixers, Mirrors, Cabinets, Curtains & Accessories meeting your daily needs and comfort, transforming your personal and work space into a desired ambiance.

Hand Tools & Power Tools offers state-of-the-art mechanism allowing customers to complete any home improvement projects more easily than ever before.

Decorative Items:
Curtain rails, Crowd Poles, Cloth Hangers, Shop Fittings, Lightings, Tubes & Bars are available in various designs, colors and styles that will better fit your lifestyle in accordance with your needs and desires.

Furniture & Kitchen fittings:
We offer great selections of Handles, knobs, Sliding rails, Hinges, Pivots, Fittings & Accessories from world's top manufacturers helping you design and decorate your home or business the way you have always imagined.

Safety products:
ME Group's wide range of protective Clothes, Shoes, Gloves & Goggles are available in various styles, colors & sizes securing the safety of workers in the work environment.

Castor Wheels
ME Group offers best quality trendy mobile furniture movers with flexible designs, different sizes and styles applicable for special purpose, providing optimum solution for your daily requirements.

Ladders & Scaffolds
For better stability and ease of use ME Group's steel, aluminum, and fiber model ladders are available for customers in areas of trade, office and home use.

Whether you are looking to build your dream house or working on a prestigious high end project,each of Metallic Equipment's retail group specializes in its vast line of products that meets the highest standards providing solutions and satisfaction for all customer needs. It is a one-stop shop for all your basic needs in order to construct your idea into reality.