Ladders & Scaffolds


Traditional Ladders

For better stability and ease of use ME Group's steel, aluminum, and fiber model ladders are available for customers in areas of trade, office and home use.

Our Ladders have the following features ensuring quality and standard:

  • Comfort
  • Trade & Office use (Ideal for warehouse, stores & homes)
  • Ultra strong for intense use
  • Upright protection from corrosion due to iodization
  • Easy to store
  • Safe working platform & heavy duty
  • Long-term warranty

Construction Scaffolds

The following scaffold features signify standard and quality offered by M.E Group:

  • Flexibility of choice (Ability to reach different points at various heights)
  • Adaptation to every configuration on site (Stabilization & interconnecting systems between parts make it possible to deal with any situation: flat ground, stairs, near a wall or at the center of the room)
  • Easy to install (All the components are always within easy to reach)
  • Fast assembly & disassembly (All parts lock together simply without needing any screws or tools)
  • Total safety (The stabilizers stand on articulated blocks that are always firmly on the ground)
  • Safe assembly and disassembly (The users always enjoy total safety, that the protection elements are installed before the user reaches the platform)