Our History


In tandem with UAE's rapid growth, ME Group has been shaping the tool trading market in Abu Dhabi since the company's inception in 1969. In the later years, ME Group has diversified its product lines into Architectural Ironmongery, Safety & Interior Accessories as an value-added to the companies portfolio, meeting their customers full spectrum of needs.

By 1982 ME Group focused on expanding geographically opening its first branch in Dubai reaching out to more customers increasing its domain in the Emirates. Another new branch was opened in Al Ain following the success of our Dubai branch.

In 1990 ME Group opened a new advanced factory, equipped with the latest auto-machines and technology to provide our customers with innovative & solitary interior decoration designs that match customer's taste, desires and interest. This initiated a new era for ME Group in the field of manufacturing industry.

Since our opening in 1969, ME Group has grown from a local company to a regional group by 2010. As the Middle East's leading supplier for residential and commercial Architectural hardware, ME Group offers more complete range of hardware solutions than any other company on the market. Such a reputation has established a sizable branch in Abu Dhabi as our head quarter and 3 offices in Dubai with each having our own divisions in hospitality & retails. Furthermore, a regional office in Al Ain was inaugurated and an international office to operate in Qatar & Saudi Arabia.