Furniture & Kitchen Fittings


Handles & Knobs

The classical collections, the energy of extravagance, the natural elements of country style and also complete collection of the Contemporary Style are ME Group's different designs of furniture handles, knobs and kitchen fittings that reflect taste and quality.

These items showcase beauty in Steel, Zink, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Granite, Brass, Porcelain, Glass and Wood surface finishes. Proclaiming creativity and innovation with variety of substantial colors allowing huge scope of fascinating shapes rich in aesthetical features and corrosion resistant materials, thus, preserving the reputation of ME Group's choice for quality in what it has to offer its valued customers.

Cloth Hangers

At ME Group we offer different sizes and designs of cloth hangers in various preferred finishes that accessorizes your cupboards, walls & stands at competitive prices to meet customer's everyday needs.

Sliding Rails

ME Group's supplies complete solution for roller runner system with self-closing feature which allows a drawer to open from one side or both sides, handling different load capacities and available in various finishes to serve customers in areas such as: Hospitals, Canteens and Restaurants.

ME Group also offers part extension ball bearing slides with different capacities, full extension ball bearing slides for very high loads and over extension ball bearing slides for special applications & exceptionally heavy loads.

In addition, ME Group provides complete furniture locking system solutions with safe and self closing features, central locking, extendable and highly flexible locking bars.

Hinges & Pivots

ME Groups range of pivot hinges are commonly used for aluminum, wooden and glass frame door types available in specified sizes, suitable for all applications: home, office and commercial furniture. Complying with the highest demands in respect of convenience, technology, functionality and durability, they can be used for overlay doors, recessed doors or flush doors.


ME Group provides you with a multitude choices of outstanding style of light series that meets the modern production technology and international standards of quality, transforming your furniture and kitchen into a lavishly stylish part of your home environment.


Recognized by its customers as the biggest supplier for furniture & Kitchen fittings in the market, ME Group offers a wide range of high quality furniture fittings that come in various shapes, sizes, designs and finishes. These fittings play a vital role in the furniture installation and fixing process to achieve quick, easy and multi-use function.


Our high quality furniture accessories come in array of designs, styles and finishes to match your choice of furniture helping you design and decorate your home the way you have always imagined.