Door Hardware


ME group represents various brands of lever handles from world's top manufacturers, embracing styles such as contemporary, elegance, slick, Victorian and commercial, defined with features that symbolizes originality, solidity and innovativeness committing to your imagination and preference. Indulge yourself today; accessorize your doors with our wide selection of lever handles that depicts taste and lavishness blending in with the ambience fashionably designed by you, making your home a better living. Each of our collection covers every niche of style, size and finishes, offering the best for your home & corporate interior doors.

Door Locks

An important reason why customers choose locks from ME Group is due to our expertise in choosing the right brand of locks that offer the very highest standard of quality and functional reliability. Our locks compelling benefits assure you quality and functional integrity combined with lifetime long service. This quality is evident in the selected materials as much as in the excellent forend finishes.

ME Group locks are made of high-grade materials, manufactured under precise production techniques and resulting in comprehensive quality. Our product range comprises locks for simple interior doors, doors of industrial and commercial buildings, tailored solutions for specific requirements and special locks such as locks for sliding doors of operating theatres.

Hence, all our locks meet demanding technical specifications, conforming to the technical requirements of EN, ANSI, BS, DIN standards and also offering unbeatable ease of use and security features.


Advanced and flexible locking system concepts have become a prerequisite for ensuring a maximum of security in public and private buildings alike. Locking and unlocking doors, garage gates or in any situations, ME Group’s locking cylinders ensure the feeling of safety. Under the wide range of cylinder brands, ME Group offers a comprehensive range of mechanical locking cylinders that satisfies all demands for customer convenience and effective building protection. 

Manufactured with utmost precision, our locking cylinders provide maximum convenience with absolute tailor-made solutions for the widest variety of applications: for residential and industrial buildings just as for the huge hotel and office towers.

To satisfy these needs, modern locking systems must meet exacting requirements. These cylinders are highly complex with sophisticated locking systems conforming to the technical requirements of EN, ANSI, BS, DIN standards which offer high-security with registered individual lock/key combination.


Today, ME Group is the market's leading supplier of architectural hinges from worlds most trusted manufacturers. Our hinges come in different styles such as: standard ball bearing hinges, decorative hinges, substantial thick hinges with high load capacity to give additional stability and enhance accessibility, in addition to that, special hinges come in three dimensions to allow doors to be adjusted when necessary. In fact, our high quality hinges are available in different sizes, finishes and styles to suit steel, timber, glass or aluminum door types – all of which meet DIN, ANSI, BS and EN standards. With ME Group's architectural hinges, you get guaranteed quality, durability and reliable performance.

Door Closer

ME Group's Architectural Hardware contributes a wide range of state-of-the-art door control products in the market. Our various brands of door closers, serve your everyday use of door functionality at home or work environment.

Door closers is not only to close doors, but also to protect the door and adjacent walls with functions like Cam-Action, closing speed variability, to meet diverse convenience and safety requirements and enable fire and smoke check doors. Our wide range of door closers are available in several design, sizes and functions to suit most applications and projects meeting international standards of quality such as: DIN, BS, ANSI and EN, along with variety of cover designs and finishes to choose from.

Exit Devices

ME Group offer complete range of exit hardware with designs and features which meet the required specifications whether it is for commercial or industrial use. Our wide range include alternative solution for outward opening single doors or double doors and with an option for outside access devices.

Pull Handle

ME Group has a wide range of pull handle collections from world’s top manufacturers in different finish, style and sizes to best fit the design and theme of your commercial, corporate or private residence. Our pull handles also come in optional to match the lever handle of your choice giving you a complete package to incorporate with your furniture, blending in with your desired ambience.


ME Group is dedicated to providing customers with vast array of door accessories of best quality and different sizes, finishes and styles to suit different types of steel, timber or aluminum doors.

These varieties of door hardware accessories compliment your door chain, eye viewer, door knockers, bolts, stoppers, kick plates, push plates, door pulls, house numbers and more.

Sliding Doors

ME Group’s wide range of sliding panels and door rails, headers, closers and patch fittings are available hardware items offered for any of your sliding & folding doors requirement. Our products are versatile and stylish that provides solutions for designers who demand quality in order to meet today’s architectural challenges.